Beyond Good & Evil pc game delivers a one of a kind gaming experience!

Beyond Good & Evilpc game is a brilliant game in the genre of puzzle solving and stealth games that erupts with full of life and color. Though it was a complete damper when launched back in 2004, it eventually went on to win the hearts of hard core gamers despite stiff competition in the gaming world.header

Beyond Good & Evil pc game revolves around the adventures of Jade, a green eyed, green clad female protagonist and her companion orphanage operator who have to face a political uprising on planet Hillys . The stealth game play has fun-filled explorations set in the backdrop of military compounds and industrial complexes. Jade, a photo journalist is required to photograph the animal world and rewards are earned in local currency and giant pearls. Earning giant pearls is very crucial and sets the pace of the game. The gamers can unlock next level or master a new skill only by earning enough rewards.

The game is well constructedaround a good storyline and has unique and stealth features and clearly satisfies the players. The Beyond Good & Evil pcgame play has few ups and downs, but the clever game plan outwits the rough patches, the voice work especially the piano theme, Arabic chants and all other quirky beats are superb bringing life in to the game despite a bit outdated visuals; the background score clearly stands out.

The graphics is excellent with pin-sharp images. Beyond Good & Evil pc game looks awesome in HD with its clean, crisp images better than many other games of similar stature. It is easier for the gamers to gauge and judge distances. Most of the gaming tactics like flying inside hoops or underneath a bridge is accomplished in a easier and neat way simply because you have the power of estimating depth in a way how you perceive things in real life.gameplay

The presentation, sound, graphics and gameplay leaves a lasting appeal and the developers has given much thought into the gaming interface that has stood out well even years after it was launched in the market competing with games of similar genre.

Following a lukewarm critical response when launched in 2004, Beyond Good & Evil pc game managed a capture sizeable followers and in due course released a sequel in 2011.

This is an awesome miniature world that lures you to its hidden wonders leaving you utterly speechless and breathless and you can actually see its magic unfurling in front of your eyes.